Acceleration without sacrificing quality

Acceleration without sacrificing quality

Using best practice techniques and a full life cycle CASE tool to speed up major enterprise business architecture projects without sacricing quality.


Project managers from a major international consulting firm faced tight deadlines for creating an extremely complex public/private sector business and technology solution under very tight deadlines. This new service would provide health insurance services to state citizens, primarily using software and the internet. The business solution of this high-profile service would require seamlessly linking the online public simultaneously with several private-sector partners with real-time access to massive databases hosted in other jurisdictions. This project was under a media microscope from the day it was announced. Reputations were at stake – both for the client and for the contractors.

This case study describes in detail how skilled project managers used a combination of a carefully selected CASE tools best practice techniques, reusable reference models and rigorous team training to accelerate development of the new service. This project acceleration enabled the project team to prevail over short deadlines – building in time to test the system and make adjustments prior to a glitch free launch.

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