INTEGRATE iT is strategically Partnered with these leading Product Developers who are leaders in open standards, best practices techniques and commitment to operational excellence.

INTEGRATED Visibility across the Value Chain provided by INTEGRATE iT and our Partners


Model, Share, Engage with Prolaborate Cloud around Enterprise Architect

  • Prolaborate lets everyone participate by wrapping the Cloud around Enterprise Architect
  • Collaborate with many Stakeholders
  • Review, Change, Approve for Application Life Cycle Management
  • Bridge the gap between IT and the business
  • Now everyone can join the conversation
  • Unlock and share your Enterprise Architect Knowledge Repository
Enterprise Architect

INTEGRATE iT is a  loyal Global Sparx Partner since 2001

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Technologies

The Advantages Cloud Services: Dr. Alan F. Castillo, entrepreneur and founder, a foremost expert in cloud enabled digital transformation and enterprise architecture with enterprise service bus, the combination of business process management with cloud computing for competitive innovation.

  • Need an alternative to the native EA document generator?

    Are you struggling to print exactly the EA content you want directly from your model?
    Does document management and formatting take more time than doing your proper job?
    Do your stakeholders want more from the documents you produce?
Model Expert

With Model Expert…

  • Everyone can model the same way.
  • No more novice users.
  • Define and communicate your approved company meta-model.
  • Configure your own rules.
  • ​Deliver an objective measure of model quality.
  • ​Support Model Governance.
  • Apply standards and checks at every level of the model.
Model Guardian

Ensure Model Integrity when using Enterprise Architect 

  • Provide Profile Driven Modeling to all modelers to ensure Models maintain high Integrity and avoid garbage in, garbage out models
  • Harmonize silo Frameworks and ensure your Enterprise Architecture Standards are met for all domains
  • Build your custom Framework or import and modify other Industry Frameworks
  • Save months of painstaking work and ensure that your models maintain Standards and Integrity
  • No longer will you end up with a mismatch of elements from different architectural views that have no business being together on the same diagram
  • Ensure simpler modeling for many users by using Role-based Toolboxes and Standards
  • Review the 20 page Model Guardian Features Guide

TASKTOP’S Cloud Integration Network

We work closely with over 36 leading software endpoint vendors to get a comprehensive understanding of their products and how they interact with other tools. We don’t compete with them – we’re collaborators – meaning greater support and cooperation. We’ve been able to get a deep understanding of all endpoints, and how they might conflict, and then engineered logic and transformations into our products that resolve these conflicts. The end result is an integration solution that’s easy to deploy and scale, without extensive professional services.


Digital Enterprise Suite for the Cloud

The Digital Enterprise Suite enables non-technical business people to participate in enterprise and business architecture discovery and modeling, and gain unique insights into relationships between models created using the Suite and other tools. Complementary to enterprise architecture and business process analysis tools, the Digital Enterprise Suite includes tools for discovering, modeling, analyzing and finding insights into your digital enterprise, with the Digital Enterprise Graph as a common semantic framework.

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