TOGAF Critical Success Factors Workshop

Duration: 1 day led by Industry Leader Ramsay Millar

“An Architect, in the subtlest application of the word, describes one able to engage and arrange all elements of an environment to create a harmonious whole” – Charles T. Betz

The purpose of an Enterprise Architecture capability is to produce business value and to identify and manage the people, process, and technology elements of an organization. All elements need to be clearly understood and available in an interactive model that can then be used to evaluate existing operations and manage change over time. The advantages that result from a good enterprise architecture bring important business benefits, which are clearly visible in the net profit or loss of a company or organization.

There are many excellent industry standard frameworks and methods to harmonize an Enterprise Architecture Office that are available for use by any organization around the world. TOGAF® is a powerful Management Framework and tool for assisting in the planning, development, construction and operations of business and IT Transformations

What you'll Learn

Experience insights and techniques with master Enterprise Architect, who is directly involved in highly successful and publicly documented transformation projects over many years. Learn and practice effective business architecture techniques that align with leadership, people, and technology outcomes.

  • Insights from the Road
  • What is Enterprise Architecture?
  • Critical Success Factors revealed
  • Avoiding the pitfalls
  • Reaping the Benefits
  • What is the essence of TOGAF?
  • The Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence
  • LinkedIn Endorsement by our Industry Expert Workshop Leader
Who needs to Attend
  • Leadership, managers, and business leads
  • Enterprise Architects who need to rapidly develop an Enterprise Architecture Transformation project
  • Business Analysts, Business Architects, Solution Architects
  • Anyone who needs a proven approach when deploying Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF®
  • Project Managers
Course Outline
  • Insights from the Road
  • Architecture Vision
  • Business Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Technology Architecture
  • Opportunities and Solutions
  • Migration Planning
  • Implementation Governance
  • Architecture Change Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Setting up the TOGAF Center of Excellence
Course Take Aways'
  • Leadership Checklists
  • Case Studies

Closing the Gap – Dr Dobbs Interview

“Even though Enterprise Architect is an extremely powerful tool and more feature rich than all the competing products we have reviewed in our RFP, it is hard to apply it without proper mentorship and an agile unified process that unfolds a step by step example of doing a project.” – Marc Ginns, Chief Enterprise Architect, Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC

“It has been nearly impossible to figure out how to use Enterprise Architect to manage a real project. INTEGRATE iT involved the entire project team and we are saving time and producing quality requirements within one week” – Director, Agile Software Delivery

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