Enterprise Architect Software Requirements Handbook provided

Enterprise Architect for Business Analysts

Learn how to develop and deliver an Agile Software Requirements  project

Course Syllabus for 3 days – Expert led hands-on training

Discover surprising ways to save you time and improve team deliverables under the watchful eye of a proven expert. Experience hands-on modeling and learn how to use Enterprise Architect for your next project. Recently, our client said that our “Sparx EA for Business Analysts” workshop had “accelerated their project without sacrificing quality, resulting on substantial project savings”.

This course reveals how to use productivity tools like Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect coupled with pragmatic techniques adopted by industry leading experts and the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) “Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABOK 3) best practices. Successful Business modeling and Software Requirements management cuts to the very core of delivering successful business outcomes and quality technology solutions.

Practice and learn by doing under the watchful eye of a master Business Analyst and proven Sparx Subject Matter Expert.


Practice developing an agile Business Requirements Definition (BRD)

  • Business Analysis best practice techniques using the complimentary  BIZBOK 4 EA Stencils
  • Model and document an agile Business Requirements Definition (BRD)
  • Trace Stakeholders to needs
  • Determine instantly the impact of any change
  • Model Business Strategy
  • Model Capabilities
  • Model Value Stream
  • Model Process structure
  • Model Information Architecture
  • Generate the BRD Website

Practice developing an agile Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

  • Business Analysis best practice techniques using the complimentary BABOK 3 EA Stencils
  • Practice modeling Business Processes using BPMN 2.0
  • Model and document Use Case stories
  • Practice Requirements Management and re-use requirements
  • Model, analyze, document and instantly trace requirements across the landscape
  • Generate web, spreadsheets, and word documents using reuse standard templates
Lesson Plans

Quick Start using Enterprise Architect  

  1. Loading your Course Case Study and EA software
  2. Getting Started using a full life-cycle tool
  3. Introductions
  4. Understanding OMG UML modeling
  5. Hands-on Workshop – What you will model, analyze, and generate
  6. EDIT – Search in Model
  7. VIEW – Project Browser, Traceability
  8. PROJECT – Auditing, Resources, Security, Settings
  9. PACKAGE – Documentation, Baselines, Code Generation
  10. DIAGRAM – Creating diagrams, Toolbox
  11. ELEMENT – Project Management, Testing, Maintenance
  12. TOOLS – Gap Analysis, Relationship Matrix, Options
  13. ANALYZER – Debug, Record
  14. EXTENSIONS – MDG Technologies
  15. HELP – Additional Resources

Business Architect  

  1. Business Architecture best practices
  2. Select reference models, catalogs, matrices, and diagrams
  3. Business Transformation lessons learned
  4. BRD – Business Requirements Definition
  5. Problem Definition
  6. Business Vision Statement
  7. Stakeholder Concerns Analysis
  8. Business Context
  9. Capability model
  10. Process Value Stream
  11. Process Scope
  12. Business Collaboration
  13. Service model
  14. Conceptual Information model
  15. Capability to Conceptual Information matrix
  16. Stakeholders Needs Analysis
  17. Road Mapping
  18. Generate BRD website for Stakeholder review 

Business Analyst  

  1. Business Analysis best practices
  2. SRS – Software Requirements Specification
  3. Roles catalog
  4. System Context
  5. Process modeling using BPMN 2
  6. Scope of Work
  7. Use Case to Roles Matrix
  8. Modeling Use Case stories
  9. Writing a Use Case story
  10. Screen Prototyping
  11. Data Requirements
  12. Functional Requirements
  13. Business Rules
  14. Logical Data model
  15. Traceability and impact of change
  16. Baseline Version Control
  17. Generating Documentation
  18. Peer Review

Advanced Features

  1. Tagged Values
  2. Document Tips
  3. Import CSV documents
  4. Traceability
  5. Model Document Packages
  6. Virtual Documents
  7. Linked Documents
  8. Document Generation
  • All students of Business Analysis
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • QA Testing Analysts

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect – Certificate of Achievement


Acceleration without sacrificing quality – Health Care Reform using Sparx Enterprise Architect

Closing the Gap – Dr Dobbs Interview featuring Ramsay Millar

“Sparx EA is, without a doubt, the business and software modeling tool bargain of the century.” – Fiona Lindberg, CBAP, McKesson Health Systems, Atlanta, GA

“It has been nearly impossible to figure out how to use Enterprise Architect to manage a real project. INTEGRATE iT involved the entire project team and we are saving time and producing quality requirements within one week” – Ray Nygren, Business Analyst, Maximus

“I’ve been able to impose a new level of discipline on to align business and IT – we’ve eliminated the ‘weak link’ by creating a common business language(UML) between the business people coming in with requirements and the architects who are designing the new systems. The methods and techniques revealed are a breath of fresh air when I compare them to their predecessors – that performed like a herd of elephants.” – Director of Strategic Planning, Major US based Retailer


“The INTEGRATED Repository provided during the course saved twenty business analysts at our Fortune 10 Healthcare company many months of standards work and setup time, we began our critical project immediately after training.  There isn’t a week that goes by when I’m not using one of the productivity tools to help solve problems, speed things or make my team more productive.”  Fiona Lindberg, CBAP – McKesson Health Systems, Atlanta, GA

The entire INTEGRATED Repository is open and customizable to your needs and you are not locked in by any vendor. Review a presentation on the INTEGRATED Repository based upon open standards.

  • Full Traceability from Strategy to Deployment using an INTEGRATED model
  • Repository Help Screens make Sparx easy to learn and rapid to deploy
    • Requirements Management using BABOK©
    • Business Architecture using BIZBOK©
    • Application Architect using TOGAF©
    • Information Architect using DMBOK©
    • Technology Architect using TOGAF© and ITIL©
    • Project Manager Agile PMIBOK©
  • Work Packages Standard Templates to generate documentation
    • Architecture Vision, Business Architecture, Architecture Definition, Roadmaps, Gap Analysis, Migration strategy, BRD, SRS, SAD, Use Case stories and Data dictionaries and more …
  • Role based Diagram Toolbox Stencils shortens the learning curve
    • Business Analyst stencils for Requirements Management using BABOK©
    • Business Architecture stencils for Business Modeling using BIZBOK©
    • Application Architect stencils based upon TOGAF©
    • Information Architect based upon DMBOK©
    • Technology Architect based on TOGAF© and ITIL©
    • Project Manager stencils based upon Agile PMIBOK©
  • Pre-built reuse Catalogs, Matrices, Diagram Patterns
    • Requirements Management – Reuse catalogs
    • For Architecture Projects – Enterprise Continuum
    • For Solution Delivery Projects – Reuse catalogs for Use Cases and Classes
  • MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint integration and reuse Templates
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